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The Struggle within the Struggle

2015 - ongoing


Books, articles, wall poster, pamphlets.


A mediated open access analogue archive focusing on the participation of women in 20th century left wing resistance,liberation and revolutionary struggles. Through making a neglected part of history visible by gathering historical information and presenting it as a devoted archive space a symbolic gesture is made that seeks to activate historical discourse and to create a parallel history examining women‘s role in revolutionary struggles.Visitors are able to copy information for their own personal use.

The Struggle within the Struggle: The Stockholm Chapter

In her performance The Struggle within the Struggle: the Stockholm Chapter, Schonfeldt calls for an action, appropriating the technical strategy of demonstrators manifesting in public spaces in which a megaphone is used to address those gathered marching or assembled on a particular site. She subverts the intended usage of this political tool by bringing it both into the exhibition site itself as well as into the public space. The artist questions the potentiality of language as political speech, not simply as a rhetorical device and declaration, but in terms of its performative and somatic quality encompassing the voice and (deconstructive) uncompleted gestures. This idea alone could be taken as a poignant symbolic for the actual content of her political speech – the under-recognition and relative obscurity within historiographical practices of the contribution of women revolutionaries to left-wing struggles. (Text by Dimitrina Sevova)

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